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TODAY IS THE LAST CHANCE to enter the 2021 Automotive Heritage Journalism Competition. Deadline is tonight at midnight, Eastern Time. We want to see your best stories about automotive history, culture, and aesthetics presented in calendar 2020.

Submissions are easily managed here, except books that require physical submission.

What auto heritage stories (cars or subjects at least 25 years old) have you told during 2020 that deserve recognition? We’ll honor the stories best told in these categories:

  • Best Automotive Heritage Culture Story
  • Best Automotive Heritage Travel or Adventure Story
  • Best Automotive Heritage Personality Profile
  • Best Automotive Heritage Marque-Specific Story
  • Best Automotive Heritage Facility Story – Museum, Race Track, Proving Grounds, etc.
  • Best Automotive Heritage Motorsport Story
  • Best Automotive Heritage Blog or Column (including opinion)
  • Best Automotive Heritage Book
  • Best Automotive Heritage Audio or Video Story
  • Best Automotive Heritage Innovation

Respected veteran auto journalists, led by Csaba Csere, judge the competition using an objective scoring system. The top winner in each category will receive a distinctive, Alex Buchan-designed trophy. Others earning recognition will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals. Winning entries will be linked here on our website.

Entries are submitted here as either PDF or web links.

Entry Fee: $50

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