What is the Future Collectible

Vehicle of the Year Award?

The Trustees at the National Automotive History Collection of the Detroit Public Library created this award more than a decade ago. Veteran Ford PR guy, prolific author, and NAHC Trustee, Mike Davis, along with others on the Board, created this award to speculate on what we might see at car shows 25 years in the future.



An NAHC committee comes up with eligible vehicles – new during the previous calendar year, costing less than $100,000 and available in the U.S. The NAHC members choose the winner.


Though the winner is usually a low-production or specialty vehicle like the Ford Shelby 350 or Dodge Viper, we are cognizant of surprise collectibles like the every-day-at-the-time 1957 Chevy or BMW 2002. Each voter may have his/her own criteria.

2019 Future Collectible Vehicle of the Year

2018 Dodge Challenger
SRT Hellcat Redeye

2018 Future Collectible Vehicle of the Year

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06