The Automotive Heritage Foundation formed as a charitable non-profit, 501(c)3, in 2019 to be the fiduciary and organizational structure for our Automotive Heritage Awards project and to create and develop other projects focused on automotive heritage. Our mission is to create and execute events and projects that honor and promote automotive history, culture and aesthetics.


We pursue our mission with the creation, development, promotion and management of projects that support the appreciation of automotive heritage throughout many audiences. Our future depends on our ability to attract succeeding generations and we will design projects to appeal to them. It is our belief that a large untapped audience exists of folks – including youngsters – who are interested in history, culture and aesthetics but have not been introduced to the automotive world.

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Steve Purdy, President

Brian Baker, Vice President

Csaba Csere, Treasurer

Angie Bournias, Director

Gary Witzenburg, Director

Steven Childs, Director & Business Manager

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