Pete Lyons

Grand Prize Trophy Recipient

SHADOW: The Magnificent Machines of a Man of Mystery

2021 Automotive Heritage Awards Journalism Competition

SHADOW is the first ever complete story of the enigmatic Don Nichols and his iconic American race team — by a reporter and photographer who was there in the day.

“I covered the races, I studied the cars, I knew the people — Nichols himself, his drivers Follmer, Elford, Oliver, Jarier, Revson, Redman, Pryce, Jones and more, as well as Shadow designers Trevor Harris, Peter Bryant and Tony Southgate, plus many of the indefatigable Shadowmen of the team. I watched Shadows racing at unforgettable circuits across the globe. Great memories. Great cars. Great people.

We heard Don Nichols’s life’s journey told by the man himself. I have done my very best to present that story fully and fairly. And what a story it is …”

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I simply can't fathom the time and effort it took to produce this fine book. And I can't imagine a better racing marque history. I enthusiastically award it a perfect score.

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