Graham Kozak

Gold Recipient

2019 Automotive Heritage Awards Journalism Competition

The Man & His Cars: Ralph Lauren on style, driving—and why he doesn’t

think he’s a collector,  Article

WHAT REALLY grabs your attention, as the big white door rolls aside deliberately, is
the McLaren F1 LM parked on a slim white pedestal against the opposite wall. This is not just one of the finest driver’s cars ever conceived—it is perhaps the superlative form of one of the finest driver’s cars ever conceived, a road legal interpretation of the Le Manswinning McLaren F1 GTR. It is one of just five built (six, if you count the prototype) as tribute to McLaren’s improbable 1995 victory at the Circuit de la Sarthe, complete with a screaming V12 and straight-cut gears. Gordon Murray himself deemed this incarnation the “most memorable” of all F1s. Which has to count for something. And there it is, just a few yards in front of you, ready…

Full article available in December 2018 Issue of Autoweek.

“Created a good sense of the man and his vision.”

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