Karl Ludvigsen

Gold Recipient

2019 Automotive Heritage Awards Journalism Competition

Reid Railton: Man of Speed (two-volume),  book

Excerpt from Page 272 “It’s Quickest by Railton”

Much better suited to wedding service were run-of-the-mill Railtons. Entirely suitable were saloons in the range including the four-door by Carbodies at £568 and the Coachcraft University on a 117-inch wheelbase at £678. Railton prices were on the rise, including the £633 charged for the two door Ranalah saloon.

In 1936 Hudson delivered 283 chassis to Fairmile, which in turn provided 308 Railtons to its customers, adding chassis from its inventory. In that year the Hudson Deluxe Eight served as the basis of mos…

Very well written, and researched.

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Mitch McCullough (Pompton Plains, New Jersey)
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