Sponsorship Opportunities

The Automotive Heritage Awards, presented at the Brembo media hospitality tent at the prestigious Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s at the end of July, consists of four distinct competitions: the AHA Concept Vehicle of the Year; the NAHC’s Future Collectible Vehicle of the Year, the Automotive Heritage Journalism Competition (10 to 12 categories) and the AHA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Our inaugural program, presented last July at the Concours, garnered substantial attention from journalists and automotive heritage supporters and layed the groundwork for a sustainable, important awards program honoring those who appreciate automotive history, culture and aesthetics.

Each distinct competition is managed by leading automotive journalists and auto heritage experts like: Gary Witzenburg, Brian Baker, Richard Kollins and the late Tony Swan. Judges for the journalism competition are all respected journalists.

We have developed an impressive audience and are building on that steadily.

Sponsor Levels for the Automotive Heritage Awards

Title Sponsor – $15,000
Presenting Sponsor – $5,000
Category Sponsor (for journalism competition) $1,500
Supporter – $1,000
Friend – $250


Automotive Heritage Awards Title Sponsor – We’ll call it “The ABC Corporation Automotive Heritage Awards” – $15,000.
This includes title billing on all our communications – Web, regular updates to our audience, press releases, press kit, etc. It will also include major presence at the event, and an up-front presence in all we do.

The AHA Concept Vehicle of the Year Award Presenting Sponsor – $5,000
Brian Baker managed this one last year on behalf of the Society of Automotive Historians. A design-focused sponsor will be interested in this one. Tickets to the event and the opportunity to present the award go with signage and recognition in our Web and printed material.

The NAHC’s Future Collectible Vehicle of the Year Presenting Sponsor – $5,000
This is the National Automotive History Collection’s award and they support it financially, but they might like to partner with another sponsor.

The Automotive Heritage Journalism Awards Presenting Sponsor$5,000
Tickets to the Concours, presence at the event, signage, web and print recognition go to the Presenting Sponsor:

Each of 10 individual journalism categories can have a Category Sponsor for $1,500. The category sponsor will get recognition and may want to present the award.

AHA Lifetime Achievement Award Presenting Sponsor – $5,000
includes their company name on the display of the permanent trophy with all past recipients (including the previous International Automotive Media Competition Lifetime Achievement winners) at the LeMay, America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. This one may be underpriced at this rate and begs for a long-term commitment from a sponsor. The permanent trophy will be in its own display at the LeMay, America’s Car Museum along with the respected Bulgari Trophy honoring people in the Automotive Collector Community.

Note: Our Presenting Sponsors will get two tickets to the Concours, an opportunity to be introduced and present their award, signage at the event, inclusion on all our communications and press kit.

Supporter$1,000 – Signage at the event and tickets to the Concours and AHA presentation, listing in the press kit and website. Since our guests can get on the field early we are planning to host a reception for our “Supporters” to mingle with the rest of our group.

Friend$250 – Smaller signage at the event and listing in the press kit. This level is for those who support our mission and want to contribute.

The Concours of America, Brembo and the National Automotive History Collection are Lead Sponsors in recognition of their in-kind support. Other sponsors on board are: The Society of Automotive Historians, America’s Automotive Trust, Automotive Women’s Foundation and MotorCities National Heritage Area.